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Today, the agricultural and horticultural industries are being overwhelmed by adjuvant choices. With so many products to choose from, how can you make an intelligent decision about which adjuvant to use in a particular situation? A good place to start is to examine the characteristics of this diverse group of products (most of which are chemical/synthetic).

Athletic Fields

Agricultural Support Enterprises can provide a line of ‘Approved for All Organic Agriculture’ products, that can provide alternatives to the conventional agrochemical products conventionally applied; while at the same time improving the appearance and performance of the field’s turf/grass. ASE can provide science-based alternatives for all athletic fields.

Pasture and Grazing

Humic acid and fulvic acid are both natural components of soil and consist of large and small molecules produced as organic — that is, living or formerly living — matter decays and breaks down.

Golf Courses

Golf course design is a special field of study in the Landscape Architecture profession and is highly specialized. Golf courses by design are highly complex works that require very specialized care. Many celebrities, politicians, professionals and ordinary citizens enjoy countless hours of relaxation and enjoyment on the world’s golf courses.